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Kim Szabo

German Market Expert

German Market

Business Processes

Legal matters

Business Operations

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Sabine van Dijk

French Markets Expert

French Market

Marketing Strategies

Ecommerce & Retail

Growth & Startups

Both of us have a strong marketing and business operations background and have proven track of establishing companies in France, Germany and Belgium successfully. Currently we are working as marketing & business operation experts for two big players (Fietsenwinkel.nl and Tesla). We help them setting up a proper expansion plan, and consult them in legal matters (terms and conditions, when to pay taxes where and how…), agile project management, marketing (SEO, SEA , Analytics, content & copywriting), process management & operations, CRM and recruiting.


Sabine van Dijk:  French online marketing guru & market developer 

I consult small to medium size companies in business expansion and growth. French markets are my expertise and I have a passion for marketing intelligence, E-commerce and retail.


Kim Szabo: German business operations hero & online marketer 

While studying International Business & Management studies in Amsterdam I have already set up my first German entity for a Dutch start-up back in 2013. Being their first German employee it was my task to roll out a market entry plan, do research about the local laws and requirements, write content, do translations & contract negotiations, create social media campaigns and improve internal work processes. Now 5 years later and 3 companies further I have developed a strong analytical mindset, which together with my business operations skills help me to create a solid step by step approach for each company that wants to enter a foreign market.

Because we are quite good in what we are doing we took the decision to bring our knowledge to other start-ups in need. This is how Expansion Beyond was born. We will dedicate some serious time and effort in helping you expanding to a new market.